SCI Photography Guidelines

Congratulations on being selected as a photographer to participate in the Service Corporation International Photography program, through CS3Design Inc. Please adhere to the guidelines on this page.

Legal note: All information on this page is strictly confidential and you are prohibited from printing or sharing any content on this page without the written consent from CS3Design Inc. All activity on this page is monitored and recorded. Your active involvement in this photography project indicates your agreement.

Special Note: These properties require respect & patience as there are often family members present & in mourning. If there is an issue while onsite, quietly step aside & contact us. Please try to keep the overall feel of the photos happy & upbeat, with a country club feeling.

Still Guidelines

  • Funeral Home Only: 35 images
  • Cemetery Only: 45 images
  • Combo Prop (Funeral Home & Cemetery): 65 images
  • No people can be in the shots
  • No golf carts, machinery or equipment in the POIs
  • Be sure to capture all available areas of each property such as:
    • Exterior (with signage if applicable), entrance, lobby, waiting room, chapel)
  • POIs must be shot in RAW (.cr2 or .nef) only
  • Do not shoot with a flash
  • Images must be crisp. No soft focus or grainy pictures will be accepted
    • We recommend that you shoot in Aperture Priority.
    • The aperture should be anywhere between f/9 – f/12 (the higher the f-stop, the more in-focus the rest of the entire room will be).
    • Your ISO shouldn’t be higher than 400. The higher your ISO, the more grain you will have in the images
    • Use tripod with a timer to avoid motion blur
    • Be sure to check your photos while shooting. If you need to adjust your exposure, use exposure compensation. This will make sure that only your shutter speed is changing instead of your aperture or ISO
  • Your lens must be spot and dust free
  • No vertical or portrait shots will be accepted, only landscape will be used
  • Bracketing with settings similar to +2 -2 are required
  • Post production or touching up prior to sending CS3Design the photos is prohibited. We have to keep a consistent look among all properties. CS3Design will do all post-production
  • If using a wide angle lens, make sure there is no distortion on the sides
  • Photographs must not experience CONVERGENCE. This can be achieved by taking angles that are straight on, not angled up or down.

Pano Guidelines

  • Funeral Home Only: 10 panos
    • Panos will still need to be connected with line of sight. The chapel would be the preferred destination for the tour. Long jumps in hallways are acceptable. If you can get to the exterior from the chapel, only do 1 (4 foot exterior). We understand the entire Funeral Home won’t be seen in some cases.
  • Cemetery Only: 12 panos
    • Panos do not need to be connected since the cemeteries are large
  • Combo Prop: 15 panos total split up between both sections. Please adhere to the above guidelines for each section.
  • No people in the panos
  • No golf carts, machinery or equipment in the panos
  • Maximum of 40 does not mean deliver 5 panos to us and call it done. Make sure the entire space(s) is covered but don’t go over 40.
  • Your lens must be spot and dust free
  • You must connect the lobby to the exterior vehicle drop-off area or entrance.
  • Standard Google Business View camera settings for panos (Only JPEG accepted)
    • Panos must be divisible by 12 upon uploading to our server
      • Old school Standard Google Business View settings for panos
      • JPG
      • Divisible by 12
      • 3 fisheye images bracketed with 4 angles totaling 12 per spin
    • Do not cut through any objects, furniture or walls
    • Do not cut through closed doors (even if glass doors)
    • Do not shoot panos up and down, only do the normal 90-degree increments (our software will remove the tripod)
    • Panos must be of DSLR quality (no instant 360 cameras will be accepted)
    • Example layout of a funeral home.
    • Example layout of a cemetery.

    Note: Most properties have attached cemeteries. These need to be treated as separate tours.

    See below ‘Sending us the Photos’ section for uploading details

Sign Off Sheet Guidelines

  • Please fill our your name and the property ID code
  • You must have the manager on duty sign at the bottom
    • Failure to have a manager sign off, will result in you going back to get a signature
  • Write down the areas you shot, and write down the correct order in which you shot them.
    • If you shot the chapels first, followed by the gardens, place a ‘1’ in front of the Chapels, and a ‘2’ in front of the Gardens.
  • Write down any notes on this sheet, including if the manager doesn’t want you to shoot something or if something is out of order or a space is being used by a family.
  • Download the sign off sheet here

Shoot Day

  • Please represent yourself as CS3Design
  • Please do not solicit the business or any staff/management present or associated with the property, including Service Corporation International
  • Do not attempt to collect payment from the individual property
  • If upon arriving at a property and they are either unprepared, unaware of the shoot, or something is being remodeled or under construction, take the following actions only:
    Call CS3Design at 407-636-7053
    • The photographer shall not depart the property until after conferring with CS3Design.
    • If there are any issues while onsite such as remodeling of a lobby, exterior under construction or anything out of the ordinary, you must inform CS3Design via a note submitted with the photos via FTP. You can submit a word doc or a notepad doc with simple notes to correspond with your shoot. This is only required if any anomalies occurred while onsite.
  • It is the photographer’s responsibility to check the weather prior to leaving. If it looks like rain, storms, heavy fog or snow, please contact CS3Design immediately to reschedule before heading out. Overcast skies are acceptable. The photographer will be reimbursed for long distance travel if a surprise weather occurrence happens on site.

Sending the Photos

  • FTP is the method of photo transfers (Google+ and dropbox type sites are not accepted). FTP credentials will be provided via email
  • Property with a cemetery:
  • Upload 1 folder with the name & property code (Name first, property code second) Create 2 subfolders titled, “Cemetery” & “Funeral Home”. Each one of those folders should contain a corresponding Pano and POI folder within.
  • Property without a cemetery:
  • Upload 1 folder with the name & property code (Name first, property code second). Create 2 subfolders within labeled Pano & POI
  • If you are shooting a combo property (both funeral home & cemetery) place a dash (-) in between the codes.
    Example: “Sunset Hills 4394-0212”
  • The Panos, POIs and sign off sheet must be uploaded at the same time
  • PC users, download Filezilla here
  • Mac users, download Filezilla here
  • You are required to send us the photos within 3 days of shooting the property. After 3 days you run the risk of forfeiting this property, as we will send out a replacement photographer


  • You must invoice us at [email protected]
    • If sent to any other email, your invoice will not be processed
    • USA: You must submit a completed W9 for invoices to be processed
    • Can: You must submit a completed W-8Ben for invoices to be processed
  • All traveling and expenses will be agreed upon prior to services being rendered, and will be incorporated into the price labeled on the calendar event invite
  • You must invoice us within 90 days of the shoot
  • You must invoice us within the same calendar year as the shoot – If you submit an invoice in 2018 for a shoot in 2017, it will not be paid.
  • CS3Design is not required to pay sales or service tax on the electronic submission of photographs
  • All invoicing emails not sent to [email protected] will be ignored
  • If a reshoot is required due to a mistake by the photographer, the photographer will reshoot the property at no additional cost to CS3Design. Payment may be held until reshoot has been completed.
  • If a reshoot is required due to a mistake by CS3Design or the property, the photographer will reshoot the property at the cost of CS3Design
  • Avoid shooting close-ups of family names or distinguishing features of a memorial that might be recognized by a family.
  • Try to capture the cemetery as a whole, rather than individual graves, tombs or mausoleums
  • Grounds should be clear of trash & large debris within reason
  • The panos for the cemeteries can be shot without line of site, since they are large. If you need to, just do panos at the Point of Interest areas, which will be provided by the onsite property manager. Get with them before shooting.
  • Be respectful of graves & burial sites by not standing on them or putting the tripod on top.
  • Exteriors should be taken during good weather. Overcast is acceptable as post production will create a better sky. No rainy parking lots or snow permitted.
  • The building should be in the center of the frame (do not cut off the top of the building)
  • The parking lot should not take up 50% or more of the screen
  • Vehicles in the foreground & by the entrance or near signage is not permitted. Have staff remove those
  • Avoid interior photos showing caskets, casket selection rooms, or arrangement rooms. (Do not photograph caskets!)
    • If there’s a casket in a room, ask management to move it. If they cannot, then do not photograph that room and leave a note on the signoff.
  • Try to capture mostly architectural-style photos, not up close and ‘creative’ shots.
  • Large trash cans should be removed
  • No paper/promo items can be in the shots
  • Remove tissue boxes
  • Be sure the floor mat in the entry is facing the main entrance/door. If there’s a logo on the floor mat, it should be facing out towards the door.
  • Do not photograph while there are bodies present
  • Take overall room shots from the entrance as well as from every corner
  • Large & small trash cans should be removed
  • Remove tissue boxes
  • If there is a viewing that day, please make sure the casket is either closed or removed from the room entirely