Apartment & Residential Photography Guidelines


  • Shoot the entrance, leasing office, amenities & pool as one continuous tour.
    • Cutting through walls or objects is never acceptable
  • Treat the model unit(s) as a separate tour. Do not connect to main leasing office tour.
  • If there are amenities that are far away from the leasing office, shoot them separately and upload as separate folders to our FTP.
  • All panos must be taken in JPG unless otherwise noted


  • A variety of images is a must. Refer to email communication from CS3 Photography for the minimum needed, but know that the photos must be a mix of model unit(s), leasing office, exterior & amenities.
  • All photos must be taken on a tripod, with settings similar to f/10 ISO 400 & in Raw. Bracketing is required, and you must make sure everything is crisp & in focus.

After the Shoot

  • Please organize your upload to 3 folders:
    • Pano folder for main tour
    • Pano folder for model unit (if multiple model units, upload different folders)
    • Photos folder
  • Invoice us at [email protected] as well as any invoicing questions

Pool / Amenities

Model Unit

Exterior / Entrance

Leasing Office