Kohler Showroom Photography Guidelines


Our client, The Kohler Co., has contracted CS3 to photograph 3rd party showrooms that feature Kohler products. Your job is to photograph the entire showroom, but with a 75% emphasis on the Kohler displays and products. Should you have any questions upon arrival, please email '[email protected]' since most of these will be shot before our Orlando office opens.


Still Photos

Capture at least 40-50 unique angles
Architectural angles & close-up creative shots are desired
Raw format
Bracketed with a 2 stop
Use a tripod
Exterior & interior angles
No people in the shots
75% emphasis on Kohler displays & products

Google Tour

There is no Google tour with Kohler shoots.

Photo Delivery

FTP is the only method of sending images. Please email [email protected] for the FTP credentials


All invoices as well as any questions regarding payment or existing invoices must be sent to [email protected]
CS3 issues checks on the 15th and 30th of each month.