I-Drive 360

Virtual Tour and 3D Mapping Proposal

Custom virtual tour with auto-pan (HTML5)

Google Business View Tour, click and drag to move around

3D Mapping Examples

Click on any of the examples below for a larger image. We offer a few different styles of 3D mapping that range from realistic to more of an animated look. We have the ability to create either static maps with labels (like the ones below) or a fully interactive map (see next section).

Interactive 3D Map

In the example below, use your mouse to hover over the detailed areas of the hotel. When a title appears, you can click on it for a virtual tour of that room. You can click on the different floors in the upper corner to toggle on and off the amenities and rooms.

With an interactive map for I-Drive 360, users will be able to click on the various attractions and restaurants to view virtual tours. We have the ability to toggle on and off different types of I-Drive 360 features. For example, you can toggle on and off all of the restaurants, retail locations or attractions, or simply view the park as a whole.