Brookdale Photography Guidelines


Our client has contracted us to provide professional architectural-style stills for their communities. There is no Google tour and no panos for this



General Rules

Upon arrival, meet with your point of contact at the Brookdale Community.
No people can be in the shots.
Shoot in raw format only, on a tripod, and bracket.
All lights (ceiling, floor, sconces, table lampls, fans, etc.) must be turned on.
Do not use flash.
No holiday decor of any kind.
Straighten stacks of books, magazines, couch cushions, and lampshades.
No ashtrays can be visible in any shot.

Download, print and fill out the signoff sheet.

Interior Shots

Focus on the central point of the room.
Avoid including too much ceiling or too much floor.
Focus on the important features of a room, such as the bed in a bedroom, or hte pool table in the game room.
In model units, focus on one room at a time. Do not have half the kitchen showing in a shot of the living room.
No open closets
No bathrooms
Avoid clutter in desks, bookshelves, etc.
Open curtains and blinds (pending of what is behind them).
Do not show personal items or photos.

Exterior Shots

Do not go to the shoot if it's raining or snowing. It is the photographer's responsibility to check the weather prior to leaving their house. If it's raining or about to rain, email [email protected] and call the location.
Avoid too much pavement in the shot.
Display the well-kept grounds by including landscaping into the shot such as trees/flowers.
Try not to capture Brookdale signs from the outside.
No cars, ashtrays, people, walkers,trashcans, or wheelchairs can be in the shots.
Ensure doors and gates are closed in the patio area.


All invoices as well as any questions regarding payment or existing invoices must be sent to [email protected]
CS3 issues checks on the 15th and 30th of each month.