3D Cities

Visualize your proposed structure in an accurate to-scale 3D environment

city skyscrapers virtual map

Our virtual cities are often used to create spaces and infrastructure requirements for towns around the world. These tools provide governments and architects with better designs that can be used to create roads, bridges, and new construction elements.

CS3Design can recreate 3D models of cities, districts and individual buildings for architectural and engineering activities, presentations, and general navigation. Our premade virtual cities help lower the cost of visualizing a proposed design to determine how it fits in the existing environment.

Interactive Maps

Rediscover your location and explore everything that makes your place unique. Showcase your campus, venue or building with an interactive 3D map, which incorporates our HD 360-degree virtual tours.

interactive 3D city map

3D mapping can give an instant visualization of a large space in a way a traditional 2D display cannot. Our clean interface allows for easy navigation and touring of your location and best of all, can be easily embedded on any website.

Add layers, custom hotspots and your branding to the map to create a one of a kind interactive display for your visitors.

3D Examples

Click on the images below and move your mouse to rotate and revolve around the model

Phillips Point

Empire State Building

The King's Academy

DeHaven Baptist Church